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Four-stroke 4hp Marine Outboards Air-cooled Outboard Propeller Boat Engine Hookup Rubber Boat Inflatable Boat Outboard Motor

Four-stroke 4hp Marine Outboards Air-cooled Outboard Propeller Boat Engine Hookup Rubber Boat Inflatable Boat Outboard Motor

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Brand Name: None

Origin: Mainland China

Engine: 4 Stroke

Engine Position: Outboard

Fuel Type: Gasoline

Condition: New

Cylinders: 1

About This Item:

For EU countries, USA,Canada the United Kingdom, Russia, Singapore, Thailand, Australia and other countries will include shipping and taxes, delivered to your home!(No Include Brazil).

Difference between Two stroke and Four stroke:

1. Fuel Economy:
At the same horsepower, the four stroke machine can save about 30% fuel than the two-stroke machine;
2. Gasoline and engine oil:
The fuel of the two-stroke engine is a mixture of gasoline and engine oil. The two-stroke outboard engine does not have a special oil filling hole, so it does not need to be filled with engine oil for lubrication, but it is lubricated during combustion.
The fuel of the four stroke machine is gasoline. The machine body has a special oil filling hole. It is necessary to add an appropriate amount of engine oil to lubricate the crankshaft and other gears. After a period of time, the waste engine oil needs to be removed and refilled with new engine oil of the same model to ensure the high performance of the machine.
3. Noise and jitter:
The noise and power of the two-stroke outboard engine with the same horsepower are slightly larger than that of the four stroke outboard engine.
4. Easy maintenance:
Due to the simple structure of the two-stroke outboard engine, the two-stroke outboard engine is more convenient to maintain than the four stroke one.
5. Fuel use:
The two-stroke machine uses mixed fuel, that is, gasoline and engine oil are mixed in proportion. Gasoline: engine oil = running in period 25:1. 50:1 after running in period. For four stroke fuel, please use gasoline above 92, and the engine oil shall be added into the engine oil tank separately.


1.Model:Four stroke 4.0HP
3.Gear ratio:2.08(27:13)
7.Gear positions:Clutch control
8.Ignition System:CDI;
9.Control System:Tiller Control
10.Starting System:Manual Start
11.Recommended Fuel:#92Lead-free gasoline
13.Recommended propeller range(in):3-7 1/4"x5"
14.Recommended engine oil:Four Stroke Engine Oil
15.Cooling System:Air-cooling
16.Trim and tilt system:Manual tilt
17.Standard fuel tank capacity(L):Within 1.4L
18.Transom plate height(mm):440mm
19.Overall L x W x H(mm):365x220x920mm


1* instruction manual,
1* funnel,
1* tool kit,
1* cotter pin,

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