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High Power LED Flashlights Camping Torch With 4 Lamp Beads And COB Side Light Rechargeable Portable Hand Lantern 4 Lighting Mode

High Power LED Flashlights Camping Torch With 4 Lamp Beads And COB Side Light Rechargeable Portable Hand Lantern 4 Lighting Mode

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Battery Type
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Lighting Distance: 100-200 m

Item Type: Flashlights

Certification: CCC

Certification: ce

Certification: FCC

Certification: ROHS

Brand Name: RxZoA

Model Number: S-422

Lumen: 1000

Flashlight Type: Adventure, camping, hiking

Support Dimmer: 2-4 files

Function: Hard Light

Switch Mode: Zoom In

Zoom: No

Color: black

Model of LED Beads: LED+COB

Charger: Rechargeable

Body Material: ABS

Waterproof: Yes

Focal Length: Non-adjustable

Wattage: 10W

Origin: Mainland China

Light Source: LED Bulbs

Choice: yes

• High Power LED :The flashlight is equipped with high power LED bulbs that provide bright and long-lasting illumination.

• 4 Lamp Beads :With 4 lamp beads, the flashlight provides a wider and brighter beam, making it perfect for outdoor activities like camping and hiking.

• COB Side Light :The flashlight features a COB side light that provides a wider and brighter beam, making it perfect for outdoor activities like camping and hiking.

• Rechargeable :The flashlight is rechargeable, eliminating the need for frequent battery replacements and making it more eco-friendly.

• 4 lamp beads for bright illumination :The flashlight features 4 lamp beads that provide bright illumination, making it perfect for outdoor activities like camping and hiking.

• COB side light for wider coverage :The flashlight has a COB side light that provides wider coverage, ensuring that you can see clearly in all directions.

• Rechargeable battery for extended use :The flashlight is rechargeable, allowing you to use it for extended periods without worrying about replacing batteries.

• Waterproof design for all-weather use :The flashlight is waterproof, making it suitable for use in all weather conditions. You can rely on it to function properly even in the rain.

Basic product parameters:

Material: ABS

Lamp beads: LED + COB

Lighting mode: high/low/SOS/side light

Power supply mode: built-in rechargeable lithium battery

Charging method: Micro USB charging

Waterproof: IP64 waterproof rating (do not use for diving)

Lighting distance: about 100 meters

Life time: 2-4 hours


✔️ As a gift, LED flashlight to keep the dark and the bad guys away - This flashlight illuminates your surroundings, great for your home, car or boat, or excellent gear/backup device when power is unavailable due to hurricanes or snowfall. Great for long distance or hands-on work, it's a gift for outdoor adventures.

✔️ battery indicator - saves lots of extra batteries. Our flashlight has a built-in high-capacity lithium battery that can be charged via the included USB cable and recharged. Its indicator light showing the battery level reminds you to recharge the flashlight if it runs out of power. When charging, this indicator light shows the remaining power that needs to be charged.

✔️ Ultra-lightweight, 4 light modes - Each flashlight weighs less than 140 grams, so you won't feel a thing all day. Press the button 4 times to cycle between high brightness, low brightness and SOS, side light mode. Its brightness can reach up to 800 lumens, bringing illumination to large areas.

✔️ High strength ABS material - LED flashlight is durable and suitable for camping, riding, running, night hiking, hiking, fishing, hunting, reading, car repair, DIY works or any emergency such as fire, hurricane, snow, storm, power outage or blackout.

Packing list:

1 * LED flashlight

1 * USB charging cable

1 * Tail Cord

⚠️ Note:

1.After receiving the goods, please charge it first and then use it;

2. When the product power indicator shows insufficient power, please charge it in time, do not over-discharge to avoid battery damage.

3. The waterproof of the product is life waterproof, can be used normally in rainy days, but not directly into the water or diving use.

4. We give you a USB charging cable, you can use your cell phone plug to charge the product.

5. About the lighting mode, press the switch, you can adjust different lighting modes.

6. About charging, you can judge the remaining power or charging power by observing the indicator light on the light.

7. Please do not open the product at will, we are not responsible for any damage caused by your opening the product.

8.If you have any problems with the product, please contact us at the first time, please do not give us a bad review, a bad review can not solve the problem, we will assist you to solve the problem, thank you for your understanding!



Suitable for different occasions




Side light


Suitable size

Comfortable grip

Easily illuminate 30 Square meters


USB fast charging, multiple charging methods.


Flashlight size torch sizeInstructions for use:

1. Battery: This product has a built-in rechargeable lithium battery, after receiving the product, please charge the product before use.

2. Mode switch: press the switch, you can switch the high brightness, low brightness, flashing, side light 4 lighting modes.

3. Waterproof instructions: This product has IP64 waterproof rating, can be used normally when it rains, but please do not directly into the water.

4. Charging indicator: 4 indicators represent 100%-75%-50%-25% power, you can observe the remaining power through the indicator.

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