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Metal Compact Alcohol Stove Hiking Cooking Picnic Burners with Stand Lid Storage Bag

Metal Compact Alcohol Stove Hiking Cooking Picnic Burners with Stand Lid Storage Bag

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Certification: NONE
With Ignition Device or Not: Included
Fuel: Solid Alcohol
Usage Condition: Normal Outdoor
Structure: SPLIT
Number of Users: >5
Material: Stainless Steel
Piece Number Of Wind Deflector: 5
Application Method: Manual
Type: Alcohol Stove
Model: Camping Gas Stove
Net weight: 130g
Material: brass, aluminum alloy, stainless steel
Colors: Black, Gold, Ivory Gray, Olive Green, Bronze (optional)
Dimensions: Support diameter 97mm * height 65mm/3.8*2.5in, furnace body diameter 74mm * height 46mm/2.9*1.8in, storage bag width 100mm * height 70mm/3.9*2.3in

Durable Sturdy Alcohol Stove Adjustable Firepower Gasoline Stove Aluminum Alloy Bracket 360 Degree Combustion for Outdoor Picnic
1. Sturdy Material: The Camping Gas Stove adopts a brass furnace body and an aluminum alloy bracket, with a sturdy material.
2. Fuel Usage: Gasoline Stove can use liquid or solid alcohol as fuel.
3. 360 °Combustion: The Cooking Stove contains a furnace core and a 360 ° combustion port. After ignition, the furnace body is heated, causing the alcohol to evaporate, accelerating the injection of other alcohol from small holes, and increasing thermal efficiency.
4. Adjustable Girepower: Mini Alcohol Stove can rotate the fire extinguishing cover to adjust firepower. The alcohol bracket and furnace body are interchangeable and can adjust the level of firepower. The overall size of the stove is compact, paired with a storage bag, making it easy to carry.
5. Multiple Colors: The Cookware Set offers Black, Gold, Ivory Gray, Olive Green, and Bronze options for you to choose from.














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